1unique_user (1unique_user) wrote in purge_it_away,

Grow Up and Blow Away

Hey, so I've been purging off an on for a little over a year...And it started off with my purging only when I ate really fattening foods. But it's proggressed to the point that if I feel full, I feel like I ate too much I need to purge. On one hand i know it's not healthy but on the other, I feel really good about myself after I know my stomach is empty. I feel...light i guess. However, yesterday after I ate a salad and tried to binge I realized it wasn't coming back up. I bowed to the porceline god for almost 30 minutes before I gave up shaking and near tears. It just wouldn't come back up. So I was went to sleep feeling gross.

Has that ever happened to any of you? Just not been able to get it to come back up? And if it has, do you know a way to force it?

Also I asked my mom earlier today if there was a pill that made you throw up. She said there was, and I think I got a little to excited in my questions about it because she immidiately clammed up and refused to give me the name of it. I also noticed she was giving me these looks. So if any of you know of a pill that helps you purge that would be helpful to.

[By the way my name is Candyce]
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