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Purge it away
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Date:2015-03-20 22:51

Hi everyone~Active community alert! (well, will be once YOU join!)

I noticed this community was dead so I thought it would be alright to tell you about my community I am trying to get active again- big_eds I opened big eds in 2009 as a community for bigger girls, however I have recently opened the doors to ALL eating disordered/disordered eating sufferers. We do have open membership with members only posts to protect our members from the outside. We have very few rules besides being kind, so posting is very free and fun!
Please come join me over at big_eds...because eating disorders are big problems.


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Date:2014-02-25 19:26

Hi, I'm new and i was wondering if anyone has any tips for purging/starving could you message me? Or comment of course... x

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Date:2009-07-21 02:21
Subject:hey girls and boys

i would love it if you guys took a look at my site



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Date:2009-07-16 14:56

I've considered to turn over to purging, everytime i slip , but i never have been able to get it up , i think my gag reflexes are too good ,
any tip and tricks ? please im desprate .

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Date:2009-07-16 01:40
Mood: lonely

i've been thru one of the worst onlne experiences of my life. im in desperate need of a friend, now more than ever... if ur interested, please friend & mssg me...

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Date:2009-07-15 11:15

Tonic water.
That's what works for me.
Or course, looking in the mirror speeds up the progress.

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Date:2009-06-26 23:25

i purge by drinking salt water then drinking fizzy water. it usually comes up within ten minutes.


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Date:2009-02-14 22:24

so i just joined.
i've been purgin for who knows how long.
i don't do it that much unless i feel impossibly full.
but it takes to long, and i'm scared to do it anywhere but my house.
and usually only in the shower or if i'm home alone.
how do i make it take less time?
and be less...obvious?

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Date:2009-01-20 19:57
Subject:Ello lovelies!

I'm totally new, and his is my first ed. Forum. So, forgive me for my n00bity and help?
I'm Bulemic, no intention of stopping but suggestions and tips would be great.
Oh, and I'm vegetarian if that helps any at all O.o

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Date:2008-11-29 16:58
Subject:Where Mia finally meets Ana
Mood: confused

So, i've been struggling with ana for a while, and i always tried to purge but it wouldn't work, but on thanksgiving day i actually puked sooo much. It was beautiful. The down side there was blood but i felt so happy. HEre is where i need help. The followind day i couldn't do it, i was soo pissed. Please anyone with tips on how to make it easier for someone who's gag reflex isnt that great. THANKS!!!- stay strong!

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Date:2008-09-06 23:57

i ate today, chicken wings, i purged and now i'm drinking green herbal tea, which has laxative effects. i did this before and became quite slim, so i'm starting it again. i only lose about a pound a day this way tho

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Date:2008-08-27 18:29

hey girls im new but i realized we need to get this community back up ok b.c i need  my bulimic support and this is where it gonna come from soo lets post stuff everyday. lmao i sound like a tard but w.e this community is dead.

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Date:2008-08-11 13:39

i need to get to 110 soon and i am 135lbs ne suggestions?

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Date:2007-02-12 14:47
Subject:Grow Up and Blow Away

Hey, so I've been purging off an on for a little over a year...And it started off with my purging only when I ate really fattening foods. But it's proggressed to the point that if I feel full, I feel like I ate too much I need to purge. On one hand i know it's not healthy but on the other, I feel really good about myself after I know my stomach is empty. I feel...light i guess. However, yesterday after I ate a salad and tried to binge I realized it wasn't coming back up. I bowed to the porceline god for almost 30 minutes before I gave up shaking and near tears. It just wouldn't come back up. So I was went to sleep feeling gross.

Has that ever happened to any of you? Just not been able to get it to come back up? And if it has, do you know a way to force it?

Also I asked my mom earlier today if there was a pill that made you throw up. She said there was, and I think I got a little to excited in my questions about it because she immidiately clammed up and refused to give me the name of it. I also noticed she was giving me these looks. So if any of you know of a pill that helps you purge that would be helpful to.

[By the way my name is Candyce]

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Date:2007-01-15 21:17

I've never purged before but I'm intrested in doing it. I've gotten into obsessive work out routines but ever since I got in a car accident I haven't been able to drive to a gym. I tried going out and running in my neighborhood but I'm too self concious, I hate the idea of people seeing me run by. So lately I've just been doing crunches and push ups in my room but I'm not losing weight fast enough.

I've tried just not eating but couldn't do it. I could go maybe three for four days but then would go on an eating binge and ruin everything I worked for. I need to lose about 15 or 20 pounds by late febuary to early march and I don't know when I can get back into the gym to run. I was thinking about starting purging but I need to know if it's addictive. After I reach my goal weight will I be able to stop? I'm usually don't care too much about my weight but with dances comming up and my boyfriend just breaking up with me I feel like I need to take control of things going on in my life.

Any tips/info on purging would be great or other suggestions to loose weight fast.

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Date:2006-12-12 10:12

I am new, and I was hoping someone had tips for starving and purging with out my mom noticing. If anyone has tips, e-mail me please. hers my e-mail: dittybug@hotmail.com

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Date:2006-12-09 06:39

I've tried purging before..and for some reason i just cant..Does anyone have any helpful suggestions on easy ways to do it..

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Date:2006-06-21 21:12

hmm......i dont think it speeds up your metabolism-but it might..i know i get an energy rush afterwards can't say for sure.

no, i dont feel the need to purge away good stuff.unless im just eating it for enjoyment, then i purge it.Of course, you've probably been bowing to the porcelin god longer than me so your need to purge is probably more consistent and more extreme.

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Date:2006-06-15 18:16

do u think your matabolism speeds up when you constantly purge? and do any of u find that u purge even normal foods-eg ones that are good for u. i feel i need to get rid of anything in my body,-all foods to me make me fat

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